September Search Engine Optimisation

K3 Business Solutions

This month we resumed the SEO campaign for K3 Business Solutions. During the pause last month some of their keywords dropped in the rankings. This only proves re-enforce what we always say about the importance of consistent and structured search engine optimisation. With the continuation of their SEO we have taken our usual action of examining a ranking report of their ideal keywords and identifying any problem areas or struggling rankings. We will also re-commence the monthly addition of 3 new pages of content to help spread the word about K3 Business Solutions and what they do. The 3 new pages this month are:

K3 business solutions are a leading provider of comprehensive ERP and business management solutions developed specifically for Fashion, Apparel and Textile organisations, including specialist software for clothing manufacturers. This includes the key requirements of style colour size matrix as a successful apparel inventory system uses a matrix of modifiers. The general description is entered once, and the sizes, colours and styles are listed as modifiers to the basic description.

Cassidy Coutts Donald

Group Pension SchemesCCD were our most pleasing SEO campaign this month. August’s review identified a few specific problem areas, primarily relating to the keyword “Group Pension Schemes” which was ranking 30th and barely on the first 3 pages of Google. By checking through the content of CCD’s page and comparing that with the quality of information presented by the competitors for that keyword we were able to re-structure the page in a way that would make it more competitive. Despite being a fairly generalised keyword this paid off and we were pleased to inform them that CCD now feature on the first page of Google for the keyword “Group Pension Schemes”.

As well as this, they had other impressive results with a number of their keywords gaining in the rankings. The obvious focus for the upcoming month is to make sure these rankings last and do whatever’s necessary to stop them from dropping off. There are also a couple of keywords still ranking on Google’s second page which we will be aiming to boost to the front page.

Southern Trailers

Southern TrailersSouthern Trailers have a vast array of keywords which we check every month. Whilst this makes it almost impossible to check and optimise for every one, the website still performs fairly well. This month there were a lot of climbers.

As well as their static website, Southern Trailers now have an online shop which they have just opened and are in the process of populating. This will hopefully bring more traffic to their website as well as attracting new customers. This will mean their SEO is more important than ever in ensuring they stand out from their competition.

If you would like to see what Futuresys can do for you, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. As I always say, the importance of good, consistent and reliable SEO can’t be overstated so don’t delay, talk to us and before you know it you could be appearing on the first page of Google’s search results!