Brand New Website for Lloyd HR Consultancy

Lloyd HR Consultancy

So often we have new customers come to us because they’ve had a bad experience with the design and build of their website. In this case there had been a dispute of some nature and we were asked to help resolve and take over the design and development of the website.

It was decided the best, and most stress free, approach would be to build a new site from scratch. Charlie Lloyd, of Lloyd HR Consultancy had already engage with a really good copywriter, Jody Raynsford, who had written all the new content for the website based around the services Lloyd HR Consultancy provide.

This made the process of designing and building the website very efficient. From delivery of the planned and written content, to the completion of the design and build of the website was less than 2 weeks!

The first step to ensuring a stress free build of a new website or marketing campaign is careful planning. By planning and creating the new content first, the design of the website flows far better, allowing our team to craft the new website with no hassle for our clients, something we try to ensure every time we build a website.

As with all modern websites it was crucial the new site for Lloyd HR Consultancy was mobile friendly and conformed to Google’s definition of “mobile friendly”. To achieve this the site was crafted using “responsive web design”.

If your business needs a website that’s designed to engage with customers, contact us today.

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