Mounting a campaign for ErgoMounts

ErgoMounts’ ecommerce website provides top quality computer screen and keyboard mounts. One of the challenges of the SEO campaign we’re running for ErgoMounts is to get their iPad mounts related pages up the search engine rankings.

We carried out some keyword phrase analysis for their marketplace to see what the most highly searched terms were. This information was then used to prioritise our optimisation work.

Next we looked at the quality of the content for each of the categories and products on the website. These were lacking in the use of the keyword “iPad” in meta titles, meta descriptions, on page headings and on page descriptions. This meant the search engines would have difficulty in identifying the content of the website as being related to the keyword “iPad” in conjunction with “desk mount”, “wall mount”, “pole mount”, “floor mount”, “under cabinet mount”.

Each category and product was then updated to include the critical search terms for this market.

iPad Wall Mounts
iPad Desk Mounts
iPad Pole Mounts
iPad Floor Mounts
iPad Under Cabinet Mounts

This is the first phase of this optimisation and over the following months we will monitor, analyse and adjust the website and content to gain higher rankings for this key market.

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