SEO Root Therapy

We love working with different businesses in varying sectors, learning and understanding what makes them tick and what they need to flourish really gets our pulses racing.

This week, amongst other customers, we’ve been working on improving the relevance of the content on a dental website.

The dentist provides the day to day dental services everyone expects, but in addition to this they have several super specialist services which allows them to take referrals from other dental practices. One of these is Endodontics, more commonly known to you and I as Root Canal Therapy.

If you’re providing services or products to customers within a specific geographical area, the importance of having location centric content and pages should never be overlooked. Unfortunately, we find this happens too often. If you don’t provide relevant content and pages on your website that educate the search results that your business provides products or services to specific locales you will struggle to have your website shown in the search results to customers nearby who want to buy your wares.

So, with this in mind we’ve been creating new content as part of our service to our dental customer. This content is concentrating on the provision of their services for customers within their catchment area.

  • Endodontist Surrey being the main service, as this is the one for their locale that gets the most monthly searches.

We’ve followed this up with:

There are now details of their Endodontist service for each catchment area on their website. We will be monitoring the search placings and adjusting the content as needed to gain and maintain first page positions.

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