First Website for Agricultural Contractors

RCD Hoare (Selborne) Ltd

We work with a very diverse range of business across Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex.

We were referred to RCD Hoare (Selborne) Ltd, who are agricultural contracts, by one of our wonderful customers. This was to be a new and first website ever for RCD Hoare (Selborne) Ltd. It was also a first for us as we had never built a website for an Agriculture based business. Because of this it was important to meet the team at RCD Hoare (Selborne) Ltd and spend time getting to know the business, understanding all the services they offer their customers. From this fact finding we were able to structure a website that would give information on each key area of their expertise.

As with all modern websites it was crucial the new site for RCD Hoare (Selborne) Ltd was mobile friendly and conformed to Google’s definition of “mobile friendly”. To achieve this the site was crafted using “responsive web design”.

Most of our customer fully understand the importance of their website to their business and once the site is live on the internet our services don’t stop there.

All content management systems such as WordPress, Magento or Prestashop for ecommerce, are being developed and updated constantly by the developers. This is mainly to add new and better functionality, but also to help protect the software that runs the website from security vulnerabilities.

So often we see websites that have been hacked simply because they haven’t been maintained and had security fixes applied to them regularly. To help ensure our customers’ websites are protected we provide a Security Updates Service. RCD Hoare (Selborne) Ltd could see the immediate benefit of this service and took this with us as well as on-going search engine optimisation.

If your business needs a website that’s designed to engage with customers, contact us today.

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