DJB Exhibitions Website Re-design

DJB Exhibitions

DJB Exhibitions website was originally crafted by our team in 2009. Since then the internet has moved on considerably.

The biggest change facing businesses is ensuring their website is mobile friendly. With Google’s announcement that it will start filtering its search results on mobile devices to provide customers with websites that are mobile friendly over those that aren’t, it’s crucial that your website is mobile friendly.

We saw this coming due to the ever increasing numbers of mobile devices, and the fact that more and more people are using their mobile phone and tablets to access the internet. To help our customers we switched to building all websites using “responsive web design“. This ensures your website provides your customers with the best user experience regardless of the type of device they’re access it from; desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. And keeps Google happy.

Because of the above DJB Exhibitions agreed it was time to update their website and make it mobile friendly. We took the original design and gave it a visual update to make it look more modern and take advantage of new functionality available in modern browsers.

If your business needs a website that’s designed to engage with customers on all devices, contact us today.

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