Southern Trailers offer Brian James trailer servicing and parts

Southern Trailers, one of long-term web design and SEO customers, are now proud to offer specialist Brian James trailer parts and servicing.

Brian James Trailer Servicing

For trailer owners, it’s important to regularly service your trailer to ensure it continues to run safely and effectively on the road. The authorities are becoming very strict about trailers that are not safe with hefty penalties awaiting those who do not keep their trailers roadworthy. Click here to find out more about their Brian James Trailer Servicing services.

Brian James Trailer Parts

Southern Trailers also stock parts for all makes of trailers including: Brian James, Ifor Williams, Indespension, Wessex, Brenderup and Bateson. This means they offer a fast turnaround time as we very rarely have to order in parts, meaning that your trailer will be off the road for the shortest possible time.

They stock a wide range of specialist Brian James trailer parts and are able to provide the means to offer repairs, general maintenance or servicing. Find out more about their Brian James Trailer Parts.

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