Ski Holidays website launched

Specialist Travel Consortium Ltd (STC)

Screen shots of the STC, Specialist Travel Consortium Ltd websiteSTC are an independent agent who arrange top quality Ski holidays in countries such as Austria, Andorra, Canada, France, Italy and the USA. With a detailed knowledge of the resorts and accommodation offered they create a bespoke holiday experience for their customers.

The remit for the website was to create a easy to navigate, and easy to maintain solution which would enable STC to keep their listings of resorts and accommodation up to date. As part of the build we ported across a lot of content from their old website and they set up search engine friendly redirects from pages of the old site to corresponding pages on the new site. This helped ensure any indexing from the old website with the search engines was not lost when the old site will be permanently shut down in a few months.

The chosen content management system (CMS) is the Apollo version of cura.cms. Apollo has been developed specifically for small businesses offering holiday accommodation and information via their website. The system allows the maintenance of Countries, Resorts and Accommodation, plus all the fantastic functionality of cura.cms for maintaining other content and pages on the site.