Get Your Website Maintenance

Over the last couple of years we’ve discovered what makes our clients happy, sad, mad, frustrated etc. Everyone knows how important the internet has become for businesses. Whether you’re selling online through e-commerce or touting your wares by showing your services and products to visitors of your website, it is imperative that your site performs well in the search engines, that’s why we have always offered comprehensive SEO services for businesses of all sizes, from the small one man band to major corporates.

So many web design / development companies are happy to build a website for their customers, but don’t have the skills and dedication to promote their client’s site. Therefore, a large chunk of the money spent on the wonderful new website is wasted. There’s no point having an all singing and dancing website if nobody ever sees it. Promoting your website correctly is paramount to its return on your investment.

Part of our Search Engine Optimisation service, which we offer to all our customers throughout Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey and nationally, is to add highly optimised content that conforms with all the criteria set by the search engines themselves. This means we can successfully create a page dedicated to one subject and one keyword or keyphrase. This not only works for natural search engine results but extremely well for PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising such as Google Adwords.

So why is this blog entry entitled “Get Your Website Maintenance”

>Adding special content as part of the SEO process is excellent for fulfilling the SEO objective. Our customers are thrilled that we dedicate so much effort into creating high quality, relevant content for their sites as they know it not only benefits search engine results, but also means their customers return to their website more often to find more interesting information. However, as time goes on, the existing content on any website can and will become stagnant, some of it will lose its relevance, this is where there is a business requirement to ensure the information on your website is correct and meaningful. That’s where our new EZweb Website Maintenance and Support subscription comes into its own.

EZweb Website Maintenance and Support allows your business to purchase and reserve a minimum number hours from our web development team to be used at your discretion over a 12 month period. Now here’s the good bit! As a bonus you will get a discount on the hourly rates of our web development team for the duration of the subscription. Basically, the more hours you buy at the beginning of the subscription, the more discount you get for the additional hours.

The hours you purchase can be used to either maintain the live content of your website or developing new functionality. By live content, we mean anything that is currently available on your website on the internet either at the beginning of the subscription or that’s added during the subscription. By develop new functionality, we mean building new sections for the site where programming is required, so not purely content.

Another advantage of the EZweb Website Maintenance and Support subscription is that you can concentrate more on the objectives of your business, and have confidence that any updates or developments needed on your site will be handled quickly and efficiently by our web development team.

Please take a look at our EZweb Website Maintenance and Support page for details of the rates and discounts available through this must have subscription.