Search Engine Optimisation Update for K3 Business Solutions

Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign for K3 Business Solutions means we are constantly working to ensure that their website and services are featured at the top of searches on search engines such as Google. In order to improve their ranking for some specifically selected keywords we recently created the following pages:

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By creating these pages not only with copy relating to the target keywords, but also original and highly relevant content, our aim is to boost their SEO rankings as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst also maintaining the integrity of the website. In less than a week a top-two ranking on two of these keywords has been achieved and we are continuing to work on the other two, adjusting the content and optimising their pages to push them up the rankings.

We offer a range of dedicated Search Engine Optimisation services including our SEO2U package and our more comprehensive SEO4Biz service. SEO is not something to be overlooked and is essential if you want to improve the number of visitors to your site and improve your business. Contact us today if you have any questions or queries, we’re always happy to help!