Search Engine Optimisation for Southern Trailers

Southern Trailers, Trailer Hire Screen CaptureOver the last week we have been working on the search engine optimisation for the Southern Trailers website. Due to a change in the way Google has been indexing and ranking their website, Southern Trailers had experienced a drop in the rankings for some of their keywords. As a result we have been running multiple reviews of the now higher ranking websites and have made some significant updates to the content on the site.

One of the key areas of business for Southern Trailers is trailer hire, the other is the selling of new trailers. The main concentration of our work this week has been on the hire side of the business. The keywords we have worked on have been based around the following terms.

Trailer Hire
Trailer Hire Hampshire
Trailer Hire Surrey
Trailer Hire Sussex
Car Trailer Hire

The content of the site has been adjusted to best target these words and we will now monitor the response from Google. Also, we have updated the Webmaster Tools by resubmitting the new sitemap.xml file to Google to help ensure the search engine is aware of the updated content.

As Google changes its algorithms you can find your website’s ranking can more quite drastically. If you have experienced this contact us now and we’ll use our skills to help bring your website back up the rankings.