First SEO Work of 2013 – K3 Business Solutions and FreshDynamics


Our first round of monthly SEO is complete. As well as our usual work for Cassidy Coutts Donald, Evolution AV, Southern Trailers and Wessex Hosting we began carrying out some special work for K3 Business Solutions. They are keen to start promoting their FreshDynamics services, whereby they offer bespoke and tailored solutions for companies operating in the fresh produce industry, including growers and those working with perishables. The initial landing page was create last week and this week were tasked with adding 4 new pages for specific keywords, taking relevant content from press releases, existing pages and competitors websites. These new pages are:

By collating relevant information and fulfilling various SEO criteria we hope to help K3 rank highly on Google for these keywords. We will be constantly monitoring and updating the content accordingly over the coming months to ensure the page is as search engine friendly as possible.

If you are interested in SEO services, please contact us and see what we can do for you.