New Website – Sarah Parker Interiors

Sarah Parker Interiors Website Sarah Parker Interiors, established in 2002 is a design inspired property development and renovation company that has grown into an interior design consultancy. The Sarah Parker website was to be a static site based off of a rough design already completed by the client. They wanted a modern and simple look to the site that makes use of big, high resolution images for added visual impact. The site was developed using HTML, CSS (including CSS3 aspects) and Javascript in the form of jQuery Lightbox for use in the portoflio galleries.

At Futuresys we always keep up to date with current web trends and built this website using responsive media queries. This means that the website adapts depending on screen size, allowing it to maintain the integral content but also keep it’s look and feel on smaller screens such as tablets or mobile phones. Using responsive design when creating a website means that no users miss out and everyone gets a pleasant experience when visiting the website.

Have you considered mobile users with your website? For more information on the importance of having a website that is accessible to mobile users please read our Mobile Websites section or contact us.