New Website – Rotherbank Care Home

Rotherbank WebsiteRotherbank Residential Care Home is a family operated care home based in Liss, Hampshire. Tired of not being able to easily manage and update their website content they asked us to build them a website using a Content Management System that would allow them to do just that. They had a rough idea of what they wanted the site to look like and asked us to create a design based on this idea. Once the design was agreed we began creating them a bespoke website based off of the WordPress content management system to allow for extra flexibility and ease of use for the client once the site was completed.

Our content management system services come in two packages: Bespoke WordPress Theme Website and Advanced Content Management System (CMS) Website. If you’re interested in having a website that you can control and maintain without the fuss of setting it up, complete with a professional bespoke design, then please contact us for more information.