New Website: was founded in 2012 by Mary Dorrington Ward and Rod Fountain to bring fast, flexible, sustainable and affordable design office furniture to the market. Having worked together in the past, they came to us to build them a fully functional e-commerce system quickly as they were due to exhibit at an upcoming show and wanted the site ready. is a bespoke e-commerce solution using the brand new Prestashop 1.5 system as a base. Only recently released, Prestashop 1.5 brings a whole range of new features to the table and allowed us to try some new things we previously could not. The initial design for the website was done by Aubrey Kurlansky and adapted for the web by our team.

We took this opportunity to attempt our first ever responsive e-commerce website. Whilst our design team have good experience with responsive design, an online shop adds slightly more complexity as there are more elements to be considered such as product pages, categories and the checkout process, all of which are likely to have completely different templates. Responsive design is currently the primary trend in the web industry and involves making sure that websites look and work properly on mobile devices, such as tablets and phones, as they do on computers. This means the page must flex and adapt to ensure the display is as effective as it can be on these devices.

As well as a fully functioning online shop, we also developed a blog system using WordPress which would allow them to keep their customers up to date and created a simple MailChimp email template in the theme of the website.

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