New Website: Capitbal BC Partners (CapBC)

CapBC - Capital BC PartnersWe are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Capital BC Partners (CapBC) based on our Pro Template, Etiquette. CapBC are a London based business that specialises in the financial services sector, predominantly in the UK, Europe & USA. They provide a number of specialist financial services such as researching and identifying acquisition opportunities, assisting in setting strategic direction and priorities, adding value on acquisition and financing transactions, helping to identify and recruit management and analytical and modelling services.

The CapBC website is a static site and makes use of some spectacular images of the London skyline to make visitors feel familiar and at home. The site offers an overview of the company, including what services they offer, some of their biggest clients and a history of the business; as well as a detailed background of it’s staff allowing visitors to get a feeling for the people they are likely to be working with. The primary objectives of the website is to promote the CapBC name and allow people to engage with the company.

Visit the CapBC Website

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