The Guns of Navisso

The new kids on the block, Navisso, have opened the doors for their Navisso Search BETA. The test system currently has 5 million indexed pages. Their aim and mission is to become a top ranking search engine offering highly relevant, accurate and dependable search results to its visitors from billions of indexed pages.

Currently they are advertising for Beta Testers and offering rewards in the shape of advertising coupons for active bug submitters.

Natalie Wrens, Public Relations, Navisso, has been quoted in the news “We are committed to build a reliable, searchable index while reducing spam and other undesirable pages within our results. Our focus is indexing quality web sites instead going for a large index of spam and doorway pages.”

Navisso have deployed their own indexing robot, NavissoBot, to crawl the web, which it does on a regular basis. This makes them different from other popular search engines that make use of the indexes created by the likes of Google and Yahoo.

Their ranking algorithm will lean towards content rich information sites rather than less useful “Official” sites.

For more information check out the Navisso Media page.