November Search Engine Optimisation Update

As the winter darkness sets in, here at Futuresys we’re still working hard to help get your website to the top of Google’s page rankings! We’ve had another positive month in relation to our work for Cassidy Coutts Donald, Evolution AV, Southern Trailers and Wessex Hosting with all 4 maintaining a good proportion of their chosen keywords in the top 5 of Google’s rankings and all still enjoying a good number of top spots too.

As usual our work for K3 Business Solutions continues with the creating of 3 new pages of content for their website, based on a vast list of keywords given to us originally. This months new pages are:

Rapid order entry software

K3 Business Solutions rapid order entry software provides a dedicated comprehensive system allowing you to quickly and efficiently capture information about customers without wasting time and money spending long periods of time capturing data. Staff can quickly make modifications to customer information using our efficient systems and order entry is flexible and tailored to the client, whether B2C or B2B.

Medical distribution software

K3 Business Solutions’ medical distribution software provides a complete and comprehensive distribution solution to the medical industry. Our systems help ensure that medical product distributors not only provide an efficient and powerful service to their customers but also help ensure their products meet industry compliance requirements while improving customer service and increasing profitability.

Hi-Tech Distribution Software

High Technology Distributors play a strategic role in a complex value chain. Distributors constantly strive to address poor channel performance, operational efficiencies, late solution offerings, and information silos; all of which result in lost sales, higher operational costs, and a negative impact on margins and shareholder value. K3 Business Solutions offer unique solutions that address these Hi-Tech Distribution Software challenges.

If you are interested in SEO and want to help get your business out there, why not contact Futuresys to see if we can help you. You may well be surprised with what we can achieve!