New Website: Thermo Scientific Seminars

Thermo Scientific SeminarsThermo Scientific run a number of seminars, spanning a wide range of topics and areas. They needed a bespoke development that would be dedicated to these seminars and allow them to publish a large amount of them easily, whilst ensuring the website stayed clean and clutter free. Futuresys decided that using WordPress as a functional base made sense as its in-built posts system could be manipulated to accommodate seminars by using individual posts as each seminar and using the archiving feature to keep track of all previous seminars, allowing for multiple sessions to run at the same time without getting lost in the depths of the website.

The custom design had to be based on Thermo Scientific’s corporate colour scheme and had to follow specific brand guidelines. Whilst this did limit how creative we could be with the website, we were still able to produce a design that was clean and professional and accommodated the required functionality perfectly. The most recently added seminar sits centrally on the home page to emphasise that this is the most important event at the time. In case there are other seminars added that still need a front-page presence, there is room for up to 3 more to be displayed in a sidebar to the right of the page. There is also a link through to the archive page where all seminars will be stored.

The structure of each individual seminar was important as there is a lot of information to get across, which must be presented clearly and in a visually appealing way. The content relating to each session sits to the right of an “information bar” containing an introductory image, to help prevent the page becoming too text-heavy, the date, time, location and cost of the seminar and a bold, blue button which clearly instructs users to click it to register for this seminar. When viewing the seminar individually you get all the same information as you do on the front page but with the added registration form below.

You can view the website at

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