New Website: K3 Fresh Dynamics

K3 Fresh DynamicsFrom K3 Business Solutions, Fresh Dynamics is a highly adaptable solution developed exclusively for the Fresh Produce Industry and is specifically aimed at businesses growing and packing fruit, vegetables and other perishable produce. The solution enables organisations to benefit from modern user-friendly IT and gives the business powerful tools to manage key processes and make better decisions in the wake of complex issues it faces every day. Read more about Fresh Dynamics.

The website for Fresh Dynamics was to follow a similar style to the recently launched K3 Business Solutions site utilising current “flat design” trends and using a similar layout. The focus of the Fresh Dynamics home page are the three key areas which they focus on: Planning, Packhouse and Trade and the summary of their total solution below. The image slider along the top of the page allows them to get their key messages out as soon as people land on the page. Below the key boxes are three feeds. One of these contains a list of News and Events, one displays testimonials from Fresh Dynamics customers and one shows a feed of relevant news stories from an industry website.

The site is built using WordPress and is fully responsive, meaning it works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones alike. Follow this link to find out more about Responsive Web Design.