New Website: Burtree Caravans

Burtree CaravansFuturesys are pleased to announce the release of another new website (we’ve been busy this last few weeks!) for Burtree Cavans. Burtree are based in Devon and provide a wide range of services for caravan owners current and prospective. One of their primary areas of focus is caravan restorations and they have restored a number of caravans, some not far from death, to modern and working models.

Other services that Burtree offer are caravan conversions, caravan repairs and caravan valuations as well as a number of other things.

Their website runs on the latest release of WordPress, 3.8 and makes use of a number of key plugins. The design was to be a simple white and grey theme but with strong dashes of their corporate blue to give it life. This is achieved in key areas such as the website background, the navigation bar, headings and links. When you start to drill down the site is very image heavy and uses a gallery plugin to achieve the desired objective of implementing a number of images but doing so in a tidy and well-presented manner.

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