New Website – BondMulti

BondMulti BondMulti is a unique forum for the principals of the Top 100 Multi-Family architect firms in North America. For four days and three nights they stay together, in a 5 star hotel, with industry experts and proprietors of supplier companies, for a series of one-to-one meetings, seminars and networking sessions. BondMulti is run by Bond Events, who also run a number of other events including Arc-US and Arc-Interiors.

The client wanted a website that would be ready quickly. As the website is primarily aimed at a specific event it was important that the information was made available to potential attendees as far in advance as possible. It was decided that the best way to achieve this result was to construct a static website, packed full of information over a number of different pages. The colour scheme and design of the website were very much based off of the logo provided to us by the client. The layout of the website generally follows a three-column system, with one and two-column sections appearing throughout the site. This allows the client to maximise the amount of information they can present whilst giving them natural points at which to break up the content into different headings. Upon completion of the website the client was given access to the files, to allow them to continue to make changes to the content as well as minor visual changes where necessary.

Visit the BondMulti website.

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