June SEO Update

This months SEO work focused on maintaining the high rankings already achieved by Evolution AV and Wessex Hosting, helping Southern Trailers promote some new keywords and working with K3 Business Solutions to try and get their new focus areas ranking in Google’s search results.

The new keywords that Southern Trailers have asked us to try and promote for them are:

To help encourage Google to use Southern Trailers for these keywords we created new pages full of relevant content and some important SEO techniques. We are now waiting for Google to index these pages and hopefully allow Southern Trailers to rank. If this does not happen within a few weeks we will develop the pages further.

For K3 Business Solutions, the focus continues to be on their new website design and the new focus areas that came with it. Food industry ERP, Business Management solutions for fashion, Manufacturing ERP and Distribution ERP. We are also looking to help promote their new Fresh Dynamics website.