Helping Support the Local Community

Supporting our local community is one activity we take pride in at Futuresys. We feel it’s important that we give something back to the community that supports our business.

Liss Triangle Centre logo from their website developed by Futuresys LtdWhen we were approached by the Liss Community Association (LCA) to help develop a new website for the Liss Triangle Centre, we were more than happy to oblige.

As with all website developments undertaken by Futuresys, we spent time working on understanding the exact requirements for the web solution we were to create. We needed to know what the demographic of the potential audience for the website was to be. The type of design elements that had to be incorporated and the information the site would contain. In addition to this how the website would be maintained, by whom, and how the development was to be funded.

View of the new Liss Triangle Centre website developed by Futuresys LtdTo help ensure the Liss Triangle Centre received a website that would meet all their needs and be flexible enough to expand in the future, we proposed that they should actively seek sponsorship from other local businesses, and that if necessary to deliver the best solution possible Futuresys would cover any shortfall.

Key to the development of the website was the need to make it easily maintainable by the temporary staff that run the centre and where necessary by committee members. The solution was to utilise our Content Management System (CMS) for small and medium size businesses, cura.cms.

cura{from the latin: Care, Management, Administration}.cms{Content Management System}

With the design agreed and implemented into the cura.cms system we were able to work quickly and efficiently with the Liss Triangle Centre to populate the website and train them on how to use the CMS.

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