Evolution AV, Cassidy Coutts Donald, Wessex Hosting and Southern Trailers SEO Update

At Futuresys we provide a comprehensive SEO service which aims to get your website as high up search engine rankings as possible. Each month we perform this service for our clients, including Evolution AV, Cassidy Coutts Donald, Wessex Hosting and Southern Trailers. Below is a quick summary of the work carried out for these clients for the month of June.

Evolution AV

Other the past few months we have been adding new pages to Evolution AV in order to help them rank for their selected keywords. The client requested that these pages also be regionalised for their installation services in Chichester, Guildford, Petersfield, Southampton and Winchester. For June’s SEO work we added pages, based on these geographical locations, for the keyword “Surround Sound Installation”. These pages are:

Cassidy Coutts Donald

Our SEO work for Cassidy Coutts Donald involves keeping track of their current keywords and rather than creating new content, adapting and modifying their existing content where necessary to ensure their search engine rankings continue to remain strong. This involves checking to make sure the content is as search engine friendly as possible and tidying up any areas that require improvement, as well as examining the competition to see what other businesses attempting to rank for similar keywords are doing.

Wessex Hosting

Wessex Hosting’s SEO work follows a similar format to that of Evolution AV. They have provided us with 3 geographical locations they wish to target (Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire). Wessex Hosting not only offer quality Web Hosting, they also provide a range of other services such as web mail and spam filtering. Another service of theirs was June’s focus; FTP Services. Therefore 3 pages were created based on the arranged locations and filled with search engine friendly content.

Southern Trailers

Similarly to CCD, Southern Trailers SEO involves checking and optimising existing content such as their Trailer Hire or Trailer Sales to try and constantly improve their rankings. By cross-referencing their existing content with that of websites which appear higher up the rankings we are able to ensure Southern Trailers always keep up with the competition where possible.

If you’re interested in improving your search engine rankings, contact Futuresys and see what we can do for you!