Cassidy Coutts Donald and Partners, SEO

As previously mentioned on our news iteam “Southern Trailers, SEO” our new SEO packages for our customers across Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex are selling like hot cakes! We now have the reputable Cassidy Coutts Donald and Partners, Independent Financial Advisers, onboard. We recently built a shiney new website for Cassidy Coutts Donald (CCD) and now it’s time to expand the site and work on the search engine optimisation of new content. As a result of the business requirement CCD have taken out a subscription to our 20 Keyword SEO4Biz package.

The first phase of the SEO work we’re carrying out for CCD is to add content for localisation of their services. The first new landing page is IFA Fareham. The page describes the service they are offering to customers in that area.

The choice of how to attack the SEO requirements of a website normally come down to two factors.

Is the site product based or service based?

With product based sites, usually ecommerce solutions, the important search terms to be at the top of the rankings for are things like the product code, so when a potential customer has decided what specific model of a product they want to buy your site is listed as high up the search engine rankings as possible.

For service based sites, most businesses work in a definite geographical area. So here it’s important to ranked highly for your top services in the geographical areas your business covers. In addition to optimisation specific landing pages for the geographical location you should ensure your business is listed on Google Places. This will definitely help get your business seen when potential customers search for “IFA in Fareham” for instance.

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