April SEO Update

It’s that time again! Here is a summary of our SEO work this month!

Cassidy Coutts Donald

Cassidy Coutts Donald had a mixed month this time round. We had a few significant risers but also some fallers, which is never good! Therefore our focus for CCD this month will be working on the following keywords:

These keywords are seeing some increased competition of late, so our focus will be on trying to keep the content fresh but also with a strong focus on trying to establish some strong inbound links to the website. One of the most important features of current SEO is linking. Google considers websites that have lots of good quality links to be much better than those with few, or that rely on spam links to get traffic.

Evolution AV

Since the launch of the new Evolution AV website things have been going well. They have maintained many of their rankings and we continue to monitor their content to ensure they are kept up to date and relevant. The current area of focus is improving the Home Cinema Installation Chichester page, which currently faces strong competition for the top rankings!

As for K3 Business Solutions, we are currently in the process of reviewing their keyword list in light of the recent website re-launch! This will ensure we continue to help promote their website for relevant and up-to-date keywords!