Who are you – Where are you, Photo Search

Who are you - Where are you

We are proud to have been asked by a great new start-up, Who are you – Where are you, to help them develop a new website on which anyone can post pictures of anything (within reason) and ask the question, Who are you? or Where are you?

Examples of the uses of this website are:-

Missing Persons

A missing person could be a loved one who walked out the door one day and never returned. By posting their picture on the Who are you – Where are you website you can ask the whole world if they’ve seen them and people browsing the site can register FREE and respond to the question being posed.

Lost Assets / Possessions

If you’ve had an asset of possession stolen or you’ve simply mislaid it. Post it on the Who are you? Where are you? website and get the entire world searching for you!

Old Photos of Unknown People

Ever looked through the old photographs your grandparents have and wondered who the people were depicted in them. Post the photos on Who are you? Where are you? Publish as much detailed description and knowledge about the photo as you can and let other members of the online community help you find the history behind the faces.

Unknown Places

It doesn’t have to be people. You can publish photos of anything such as places, views, properties, towns, cities, villages and find the answers when you receive response to your photo.


This site is a hugely useful resource for genealogy. Simply by recording your old family images and descriptions on the site will help you and others trace their history.

Take a look at this new and rapidly growing online community and get involved. If nothing else it’s fascinating reading the history behind the photos on the site and helping people find missing people and possessions and the answers to their questions, Who are you? Where are you?