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September SEO Update

Google never sleeps and so the never ending cycle of SEO work continues from Futuresys, providing Search Engine Optimisation for our customers in Hampshire and beyond! Evolution AV Evolution AV recorded another flawless month claiming the #1 spot for all their desired keywords and even picking up the #2 and #3 spots as well in… Read More

A Search Engine Optimisation Update from Futuresys – August

Another month, another update from the team at Futuresys! As we continue our busy schedule of creating websites for customers old and new, we also persevere with the never-ending task of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As you probably know by now, we carry out regular SEO for a number of companies in the local area… Read More

June SEO Update

This months SEO work focused on maintaining the high rankings already achieved by Evolution AV and Wessex Hosting, helping Southern Trailers promote some new keywords and working with K3 Business Solutions to try and get their new focus areas ranking in Google’s search results. The new keywords that Southern Trailers have asked us to try… Read More

Search Engine Optimisation Update – May

This Month was a very pleasing one for our various SEO customers. Most people saw numerous climbs in the rankings and whilst there are always some keywords which let the side down, it was a positive month for us. The highlight of our May SEO was the rise to number 1 of all out Evolution… Read More

April SEO Update

It’s that time again! Here is a summary of our SEO work this month! Cassidy Coutts Donald Cassidy Coutts Donald had a mixed month this time round. We had a few significant risers but also some fallers, which is never good! Therefore our focus for CCD this month will be working on the following keywords:… Read More

Search Engine Optimisation Work for February

As another month passes it’s time again for a quick update on the search engine optimisation work we carry out for our clients. Evolution AV We are currently in the middle of a re-design of the Evolution AV website. The new website will come built on a completely new system to the previous site, which… Read More

Southern Trailers, Trailer Hire Screen Capture

Search Engine Optimisation for Southern Trailers

Over the last week we have been working on the search engine optimisation for the Southern Trailers website. Due to a change in the way Google has been indexing and ranking their website, Southern Trailers had experienced a drop in the rankings for some of their keywords. As a result we have been running multiple… Read More

First SEO Work of 2013 – K3 Business Solutions and FreshDynamics

Our first round of monthly SEO is complete. As well as our usual work for Cassidy Coutts Donald, Evolution AV, Southern Trailers and Wessex Hosting we began carrying out some special work for K3 Business Solutions. They are keen to start promoting their FreshDynamics services, whereby they offer bespoke and tailored solutions for companies operating… Read More

Christmas SEO Update!

What is the difference between “Christmas SEO” and regular SEO I hear you ask? The answer… None! Here is a quick update of this months Search Engine Optimisation for our clients: Cassidy Coutts Donald It was a good month for Cassidy Coutts Donald as most of their keywords either maintained their high rankings or climbed… Read More

November Search Engine Optimisation Update

As the winter darkness sets in, here at Futuresys we’re still working hard to help get your website to the top of Google’s page rankings! We’ve had another positive month in relation to our work for Cassidy Coutts Donald, Evolution AV, Southern Trailers and Wessex Hosting with all 4 maintaining a good proportion of their… Read More